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The Mulberry School is a specialist provision for students on the autism spectrum, and or, who have moderate learning difficulties. We aim create a specialist approach and environment to meet individual needs, where mainstream provision is not appropriate.

We look at the whole individual, we know that every person is different, we know more than that, every autistic person, and persons with an additional educational need, is different. There are common areas that unite autistic people, as there are uniting all of us. These are the areas The Mulberry School focusses to maximise, whilst engaging our highly professional team to work with our young people in areas they wish to develop.

The Mulberry School is a happy, accepting, welcoming place, where children come to repair any damage caused through their educational journey so far, get on course for their desired future, and achieve all they can.

The Mulberry School provides outstanding autism-specialist education. Integrating social, academic and therapeutic approaches to transform lives from challenge, misunderstanding and anxiety to a bright, safe and successful future. Celebrating difference, and creating confidence in the use of the tools gained through the journey.

The Mulberry School will strive to change the world into which our students transition, raising awareness, changing thinking and highlighting the strengths of our individual students.

The Mulberry School, as an independent special school in the heart of Leicester City and welcomes pupils from a wide range of geographic locations. Making the requirement to create community exceptionally important. Equally important is the need to enable the students to feel and see a connection to their home community in preparation for when they return. We aim to enable our students to understand their special difference, identify and maximise their strengths, whilst supportively challenging them to make positive change.

Leadership of the school will be strong, clear, supportive and challenging. Ensuring all staff are challenged to improve, supported to learn and develop, held to account for their performance and enabled to facilitate the student’s success.

Clinical and therapeutic services will be fully integrated (where appropriate) to the school, enabling all staff to be able to maximise social and academic development in our students.

The environment of the school will continue to develop, creating appropriate learning environments, including learning facilities to maximise opportunities; both academic and social.

The school will continue to develop closer working relationships with Local authority partners, to ensure that their needs, as well as those of the students’ are met. Working together to create innovative means to develop provision further, whilst supporting the management of the public purse.

The school will maximise close working relationships with families, parents and carers, providing support and good communication, maximising our students’ development and outcomes.

The school will take every opportunity to train, teach and communicate the strengths of those within the school, as well as make effective adaptations to enable the wider community to appreciate and benefit from their skills. This will include the public, businesses, schools, colleges and any other organisation that will impact on wider understanding.

The school will endeavour to support every student to develop their, courage confidence, ambition, tenacity and strength within. The Mulberry School and IBC Healthcare Children’s Services believe strongly that if we and our students can achieve these, and transition to the wider world.


The Mulberry School is a specialist provision for students on the autism spectrum, and or, who...


Reward and Praise are consistently used within school to reinforce the meeting of targets, positive behaviour...


The Mulberry School aims to provide outstanding autism and moderate additional educational needs...


The Mulberry School
William st
Le1 1RW

Tel: 0116 482 6937



The Mulberry School is part of iBC Children’s Services Ltd. Proprietor: iBC Chidlren’s Services

The Mulberry School aims to provide outstanding autism and moderate additional educational needs, specialist education.

Chair: Nizam Bata


The Mulberry school management team is supported by a network which include Quality and Compliance, Admissions and Marketing, Human Resources, Finance and IT.

Oversight of the school management is provided is by the Managing Director, Nizam Bata. In addition, the Group plans to implement a robust governance compliance for Quality and Audits respectively, once registered these will include m edical professionals, parents and suitable members of the public.

Registered Office: The Mulberry School William Street Leicester England LE1 1RW | Registered Number: 13289886