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The school will endeavour to support every student to develop their, courage confidence, ambition, tenacity and strength within. The Mulberry School and IBC Children’s Services believe strongly that we and our students can achieve these, and transition to the wider world.


Welcome to The Mulberry School website!

At The Mulberry School we develop pathways as unique as the children and young people that come here.  

We are a small, specialist setting for 8 to 16-year-olds who have complex conditions, including Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs, Moderate Learning Difficulties and Autism Spectrum Conditions.  However, as a staff team we see beyond the labels to work with the strengths of individual students, supporting and challenging them to achieve their learning goals.  

Our aim is that each student leaves The Mulberry School at 16 years of age with a clear plan of their next steps as they progress to adulthood.  Our parents and carers are vital partners in this journey, so we endeavour to collaborate closely with them, striving for every young person to be either in employment, education, or training when they leave us.

The staff team are committed to changing the lives of the children and young people who attend The Mulberry School for the better and consider it a genuine privilege to play such a key role.  We believe our core values of respect, resilience and responsibility and resourcefulness accurately reflect the attitudes we consider to be vitally important in our Mulberry family.

Should you want to experience our positive ethos in person, please contact us for a visit so we can show you around our amazing school and tell you more.

Denise Williams | Headteacher


The Mulberry School is a specialist provision for students on the autism spectrum, and or, who…


Reward and Praise are consistently used within school to reinforce the meeting of targets, positive behaviour…


The Mulberry School aims to provide outstanding autism and moderate additional educational needs…



The Mulberry School
William st
Le1 1RW

Tel: 0116 482 6937



The Mulberry School is part of iBC Children’s Services Ltd. Proprietor: iBC Chidlren’s Services

The Mulberry School aims to provide outstanding autism and moderate additional educational needs, specialist education.

Chair: Nizam Bata


The Mulberry school management team is supported by a network which include Quality and Compliance, Admissions and Marketing, Human Resources, Finance and IT.

Oversight of the school management is provided is by the Managing Director, Nizam Bata. In addition, the Group plans to implement a robust governance compliance for Quality and Audits respectively, once registered these will include m edical professionals, parents and suitable members of the public.

Registered Office: The Mulberry School William Street Leicester England LE1 1RW | Registered Number: 13289886